EGO 56-Volt 3000-Watt Nexus Portable Power Station Testing & Review PST3040 PST3042

EGO 56-Volt 3000-Watt Nexus Portable Power Station Testing & Review PST3040 PST3042 1

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EGO has been pushing to create new items for people to use the 56-volt batteries with when not doing lawn work. The new EGO 56-Volt 3000-Watt Nexus Portable Power Station is basically a 2,000-watt continuous use inverter with a 3,000-watt peak. The best part about EGO's power station is that it is a pure sine wave inverter so it gives clean power.

EGO designed the power station to be able to work from one to four batteries of any amp hour. No matter what battery you put in the inverter, it will work. If you only use one small 2.5 Ah battery, the watts will decrease to 600. One 5.0 Ah battery will give you 1,200 watts. Multiple batteries will bump up the power to full capacity.

The Ego Power Station is currently selling in a kit for $1,199 with two 7.5 Ah batteries. That is no drop in the bucket considering the price of two more batteries for maximum runtime. The uses are endless and the unit might be able to do more in the future with upgradable firmware via the internet.

EGO has released an App so people can track the tools they have and see if maintenance is needed. This App is expanding and will include EGO Connect where you can connect to the tool, update firmware and check on service codes. For batteries, it will be able to see battery health and other information.

Currently, we only see the EGO Nexus Power Station available The Home Depot. We do not have any information on that changing.

Our test consisted of many different loads, including overloads. We did our best to allow you to see exactly how the power station responds in different situations and how the App might look in the future by using the App we have that is under development.

We are going to circle around to this tool again once everything is working at the consumer level and do some tests based on your requests. Please comment below with how you feel about the tool and how you would like to see it tested.

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