Sunjack Solar Panel + Battery Unboxing

Sunjack Solar Panel + Battery Unboxing 1

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Unboxing and quick look at the Sunjack Portable Solar Panel charger and battery, by Gigawatt. This is the 14 watt Sunjack, and comes with an 8000 mah battery, charging cable, and carabiners (for hanging the solar panels up to charge).

Initial reaction…. I like it! The case and construction feel really sturdy. Outer shell feels like it's made of a heavy duty nylon, the velcro closes really tightly, and the battery is low profile. The 8000 mah batter has 5 indicator lights, each one represents a 20% charge. So if all 5 are lit up, the battery is 100% charged. Looking forward to getting to use this–will give a better reaction and review after I've put a couple miles on it.

Check out my vid of the Sunjack in action here:

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