Wood Stove Chimney Installation Basics Video review #1

Wood Stove Chimney Installation Basics Video review #1 1

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WATCH OUR NEW CHIMNEY PIPE VIDEO #2 AFTER THIS ONE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhrBkhGjNKU
See how Interior single wall pipe or double wall pipe connect to the ceiling support for a Class A (multi-fuel) wood stove chimney system thru the roof to the flashing storm collar and cap. You can review or purchase all of these parts and alternative options at http://woodheatstoves.com/6-chimney-pipe-c-71_72_300_79.html Review the guide to planning your installation on the “Complete System” page or email us with any questions at [email protected] Make sure to include these details.
1.Your pipe size (6 inch or 8 inch ID)
2.Single wall stove pipe or double wall stove pipe interior (check your stove clearances to decide)
3.Height from stove top to ceiling support box
4.Ceiling pitch-slope
5.Roof pitch
6.Height from ceiling support box bottom to the top of the pipe. The pipe must extend 2 feet over nearest ridge or surface within 10 feet horizontally.
We also have a whole information center on our web site with more videos and educational information on wood, pellet and gas heating stoves, maintenance and installation, plus over 13,000 pellet stove parts.
After reviewing the complete system web page you are welcome to send us emails with specific questions for your installation.

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